Research project Service Providers

Project Title – Researching the Experiences of Family Carers of People with Learning Disabilities

As is stated in the Information Sheet below this project is in respect of research for a University of Sheffield PhD student. The project has used co-production as a means of including a small group of Sheffield Family carers to help the student, Rachael Black with her PhD course. The group and Rachael came to a joint agreement to produce 2 surveys, 1 to obtain the views of Family Carers and the other to obtain the views of Service Providers whether they be from Local Authorities, Health, Private, Voluntary and Charities, etc.

The links below are in respect of the views of Service Providers and it would be greatly appreciated if persons within those sectors could progress through the Service Providers survey. The survey is open to anyone within those sectors whether they be from management, building base workers or community base, be it in a paid or non-paid capacity. Although, initially this project was to be based on Sheffield, UK it was jointly decided that it should have a greater range, so that a greater diversity of views could be obtained.

Information Sheet

Service Providers survey

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