Trump belittles accusers as unattractive, as more come forward – The Washington Post

It is not surprising to myself that Trump is reacting in the way as stated in this Washington Post article, as it would appear Trump is only happy when persons agree with him. For when persons do not agree with him the insults start to flow, is this the sort of person America wants as a President, for if he is elected there will be many persons in other countries who may not agree with his requests or should I say commands. Would he be as vitriol with these persons, as that could well have dire consequences not only for America, but more importantly the whole world.

Trump, in my mind acts like a spoiled brat, who has not the comprehension to understand how to act reasonably in public. Up to now he has relied on his supposed fortune to unearth him from situations which do not go as he thought they would, I was going to say, Planned, but is that really something that he is capable of. I say supposed fortune, as he is reluctant to publish his Tax Returns, which would provide some clue of his monetry worth.

His whole behaviour is abhorent to persons with any degree of reasoning.


At a campaign rally, the GOP nominee suggested that at least two women would not warrant his attention.

Source: Trump belittles accusers as unattractive, as more come forward – The Washington Post

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