Disability Campaigner Paula Peters ‘Abused On Train’

The public perception regarding dsiability is not acceptable, but then neither is that of the Government and some parts of the media. For the Government with all their sanctions and test after test, the media promoting articles describing people as scroungers and coupled with the ignorance of some of the general public is any wonder that these incidents arise.

The Government need to take a lead and promote disability as a condition which can cause pain and suffering and then hopefully these ignorant public will know better. However, there will always be some that will never change their views, that is until they themselves or one of their relatives have an occurance to become disabled themselves.

Until then we have to live in hope that opinions will change.

Same Difference

Paula Peters is a friend of Same Difference. We know she is disabled and would like to put on record that she has our full support. We have no further words to describe our feelings about this.

A disabled woman has told how she was called a “scrounger” and told to “f*** off” as she was subjected to a foul-mouthed tirade on a train when she asked a young couple to give up their seats.

Paula Peters, 45, from Bromley, said she was hit with the abuse after she approached a man and a woman in seats marked for wheelchair users.

She said the pair mocked her when she told them she needed to sit down as she suffered from “chronic pain” before a woman told her “f*** off, you’re a scrounger”.

Ms Peters added her disability was also questioned even though she uses a walker to aid her balance…

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