‘Parliament works for the PEOPLE’ MPs told ‘get UK the hell out of EU’ after shock ruling : Express.

A lesson on democracy from an American, stating that the will of the people should be paramount, the UK Justices should take note.

6 thoughts on “‘Parliament works for the PEOPLE’ MPs told ‘get UK the hell out of EU’ after shock ruling : Express.

  1. Those pesky voters eh? We just won’t do what we’re told 🙂

    “Would it not be easier
    In that case for the government
    To dissolve the people
    And elect another?”

    Other lawyers have examined the case the judges made and stated that their “argument is illogical and does not hold water.”


    • If MPs were held accountable for their actions, then this ruling should not be a problems, no matter how much I disgree with it, but MPs are not accountable. Yes, we can not vote for them come a General Election, but people cast votes for any number of reasons and the conduct of their supposedly MP may not be one of them.

      I am in Sheffield, UK, which is a Labour stronghold and you can put anything up as a Labour candidate and people would vote for it.

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      • In effect my comments re Labour candidate are being reflected in the US Presidential election with regards to Donald Trump, the Republican candidate, for he will say anything to get support to be elected US President, whether he believes or even understands what he is saying.


  2. You are right of course, and I don’t understand people putting party before conscience as I have never done that, choosing not to be affiliated with any one party but voting as my conscience dictated. And I wish that MP’s were held accountable. It puts me in mind of Oliver Cromwell’s statement which he concluded with “In the name of God, just go.” Everything has gone full circle in that regard.


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