Trump’s Pyrrhic Victory Provides a BIG Silver Lining for Democrats

After mourning Trump’s victory, I took the opportunity to think things through and I suddenly saw a big silver lining for Democrats. Politics is like a game of chess. Trump’s victory last night may have put the Democrats in a stronger position going forward than if Hillary had won. Here’s why I’m saying this:

If Hillary had become president on the heels of Obama’s two terms, the Democrats would be in a very vulnerable position in the next two major elections: the 2018 midterms and the 2020 general election. Democrats would likely suffer heavy losses in the 2018 midterms due to historical precedent (the party that wins the White House usually does poorly in the following midterm elections) and sheer voter fatigue. However, with Donald Trump in the White House the tables are turned and Republicans are the ones who will be in a defensive position in 2018 as they now control both the White House and Congress and will have to give full account of their agenda and results to voters. In this scenario, Democrats are likely to make significant gains in the 2018 midterm elections.


Source: Trump’s Pyrrhic Victory Provides a BIG Silver Lining for Democrats

3 thoughts on “Trump’s Pyrrhic Victory Provides a BIG Silver Lining for Democrats

  1. In the long run, you are probably right. However, the disaster to the U.S. is the damage Trump and the majority (legislature, and soon the Supreme Court) will be able to do both internally and potentially to the world. He will destroy the current trend toward civil and women’s rights. He is creating a civil war in terms of both ethnicity and religion, and may well start a major shooting war in various parts of the world. So, the short term may well “trump” any long term gains for the Democrats.


    • Indeed, Trump will cause damage both internally and externally, but with time this damage could be rectified, but not the distress caused to his victims.

      A major shooting war could be created, which hopefully will not transgress into a world war from which there may be no return.

      Some are predicting that sooner or later Trump will be impeached, but that would still leave Pense behind which means some of the disaster will continue untill the next election, when hopefully the US electorate will see sense, so until then hold tight.

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      • Yes, but I think Pence would be a significant upgrade to Trump. The Donald does indeed have a propensity for imploding, which in this case could lead to him being removed from office.


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