White privilege?

Racism in any form from any quarter should not be tolerated and it not just from one sector, but racism can be in many forms, from any race or religion and for many reasons. You have the out and out racists who will never conform for they truely believe that they are best and everyone else is not, while another large area are the ignorant, who because of lack of knowledge distrust anyone who is different and here this ignorance can be against not just race, but the powerless, the homeless, the disabled and in some respects the seriously ill.

Coupled with racism, is power and sometimes envy, but not always for they can also be on a stand alone basis.

So it is sometimes difficult to understand and reason with persons in the aforementions areas.

With regards to Prince George is it envy or jealousy, for some yes or for others it may not be as it could be the assumed power and in some respects possible racism.

Can any of the above really be defeated and the simple answer is no, but it can be mitigated by reasoned arguement, especially to those who are not of the out and out extreme.

It goes without saying that the world would be a much better place if there were no racism or abuse of power, but that is extremely unlikely to occur as over Europe and America the extreme is in high ascendant.

Aussie Nationalist Blog

The world’s most famous toddler, Prince George, is a mere three years old. Born into a life of wealth and prestige, the young prince will experience the highs and lows that are part and parcel of the British royal family, through no fault of his own.

But this hasn’t prevented the obnoxious left from brutally attacking our future monarch for his ‘white privilege’.

Stunned by the savagery of such an assault, I’m left wondering; When did whiteness become such a bad thing?

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