The perks of the middle classes appear to be the next area to be targeted. However, some of these perks have been granted in lieu of salary increases, so if the favourable tax treatment is to be curtailed, this could cause a substancial increase in salaries to be required. The perks of the higher paid and the self employed will also need to be considered.

So to the perks of MPs and Ministers for their allowances should be completely withdrawn, as this would then minimise the risk of fraudulent claims.

With regards to the poorly paid and those with long-term illnesses and disabilities, these are the people who suffer the most when changes occur and are the people who receive the least respected from many sectors of Society, especiallty the Government of any political party.

The whole concept of dealing with all sectors of the UK population needs to have urgent consideration so that it is equable to all, especially those who can least afford it.