The presidential vote will be recounted

It is in everyones interest to ensure the election result was not rigged, do the Republicans object too much.

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Jill Stein of the Green Party raised enough money to meet the deadline for filing for a recount of the Presidential vote in Wisconsin.

She has until Monday to do the same in Pennsylvania and until Wednesday for Michigan.  I’ll update this post after the filing deadlines.

In order to change the apparent result of the election, the recount would have to show that Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump, got a majority of the votes in all three states.

That’s not likely.  But a recount even in just one state would help to reassure me that the vote count was honest—or confirm my suspicion that it may not have been.

I think that’s Stein’s motivation as well.  She is not a supporter of Clinton and neither am I, but all American citizens have an interest in an honest vote count.

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2 thoughts on “The presidential vote will be recounted

    • Would that be a bad thing, in this context?

      In a comparison state, who should be cast as the cat and who the pigeons, for who in this situation can be deemed the symbol of peace. For are not both the aggressor, all be it that one may be more aggressive than the other and that would then depend on which side you are on.


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