From Blairs historic past can we really trust him, is he for Blair or others.

He states he  did devolution of power, however was this to other areas of the UK, thus reducing the power from London or is he referring to the devolution of power to the EU. The latter being one of the reasons for Brexit. He created more distrust in the system of politics than anyone before him and was the resultant outcome for his own gain and was this by design or not.

I stated out the outset of him winning the election in 1997, who could really vote for someone who smiles like he does, for his smile then made me physically feel sick. Now to some extent the smile has diminished, but he should never again be trusted and I can say, for one, never did trust him.


The former prime minister on Trump, Brexit, Corbyn and his return to public life in an attempt to revive “the progressive centre”. Will anyone listen?

Source: Tony Blair’s unfinished business