Satire is not dead at SNL, but would be if Trump had his way. Unfortunately Trump will be the next President of the USA, the 45th, so he had better get used to satire for there will be plenty more to come.

Sad, is it not that a person who will take such a high office can not control himself and accept what is bound to come forth. USA do you really want a person who can not control his tweets, he badly needs to grow up and not act like a spoiled brat.

But at the age of 70 years can he change is outlook, even if he wishes to, which I do not think he does.

In the cold open, Alec Baldwin returns as the retweeter-in-chief, shrugging off important policy briefings to pass along the social media musings of 16-year-olds and other random Twitter users. There is also a cameo from Stephen Bannon, a plate of mashed potatoes and a brutal joke at Mitt Romney’s expense.

And naturally — and perhaps at the risk of proving SNL’s point for it — shortly after SNL made fun of him for getting distracted by insignificant tweets, Trump took to his preferred medium to voice his disapproval.

Source: SNL makes fun of Trump’s tweets, and Trump immediately tweets his disapproval. Sad! – The Washington Post