Donald Trump was the subject of 2011’s Comedy Central Roast, he had one restriction for the comedians performing. Having a restriction or two is relatively common for many subjects of the roast. Many celebrities will ask that their families (spouses and children) be left out of the jokes being made at the celebrity’s expense. Sometimes, an event or a movie will be requested for omission during that night’s ceremonies. Not the Donald. Here’s his reported list from Vulture:

ALLOWED: Jokes about Trump’s hair
ALLOWED: Jokes about Trump’s wife Melania (and his two previous marriages)
ALLOWED: Jokes about Trump having sex with models
ALLOWED: Jokes about the failure of Trump Steaks, Trump Water, Trump Cologne, and other Trump products
ALLOWED: Jokes about Trump’s failed casinos
ALLOWED: Jokes about how Trump only became successful thanks to his wealthy father
ALLOWED: Jokes about Trump’s weight
ALLOWED: Jokes about Trump being attracted to his daughter Ivanka NOT ALLOWED: Any joke that suggests Trump is not actually as wealthy as he claims to be

Many on the left, myself included, have been hoping that we might get a small amount of joy being able to needle the Donald’s famously thin skin. The good news is we know what Trump’s biggest fear is. The bad news is that this “fear” of his is why we are looking at a presidency with potentially historic levels of corruption. It means we will continue to hear about corrupt practices like self-dealing, and dubious phone calls to other world leaders asking for personally gain. Trump’s an opportunist and being the President of the United States will afford him a real chance at becoming that super-wealthy guy he has always wanted to be.

Source: The joke Trump restricted at his comedy roast tells you all you need to know about the next 4 years