Now they are not open to public scrutiny and can fiddle their expenses to their hearts content, one remedy would be to abolish providing them expenses, for do they not earn enough already. For are they not expecting a second pay increase in less than 2 years from their last increase of 10%. This expected increase of 1.4% at a time when public sector employees have been capped at 1% since 2010.

One law for the MPs on a high salary base and expenses ,as opposed to other employees on a very much lower salary base and virtually no scope to receive expenses.

Perhaps all employees in the UK should have the equivalent of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA), more equality on pay is very much now a major requirement.

Austerity cuts, not for MPs.

Stop UK lies & corruption

MPs have found a way to stop themselves being named and shamed for fiddling their expenses in future.

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MPs vote not to be named when they fiddle expenses.png MPs vote NOT to be named and shamed for fiddling expenses in future

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