Without these unpaid carers the social care and health services would be in an exceedingly worse situation than the crisis situation that is currently affecting these services.

Carers do experience physical, emotional and financial strain while undertaking the unpaid caring roles and to such an extent that eventually their own health will suffer considerably, for while concentrating on the persons they are caring for they are unintentionally not recognising their own health deteriorating.

If everyone of these carers withdrew their services (strike), the true state of health and social care would be evident within seconds. However, because of their resolve, caring nature and concern and love for the persons to whom they are providing care they will never withdraw from their caring role while they have the strength to continue and then some.

Until you have an occasion to undertake this role you will not be able to understand the pressures they are and having to experience, for the systems themselves within social care are there to create these pressures. So you not only have the pressures from caring but also substantial pressure in fighting the system.