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police killings by race - 4Is there still systematic abuse of Americans by race?  Is there a war on cops?  Should we protect the police from criticism because we want to show respect to authority and thankfulness for the very difficult and perilous job they do each day?  Are minorities more prone to higher levels of criminal behavior?  If so, is this largely because of ingrained habits within their ethnic groups?

These issues bring up many strong emotions on all sides, among blacks and whites, with defenders of police behavior and the critics.  The statistics behind the sensational news stories often tell a different narrative than what is promoted in the public square.  I’ve provided a sampling below of what I found.

The first chart shows 385 police killings for January-May in 2015, almost 26% of which are deaths of African Americans.  This occurred even though that ethnicity made up only about 12% of the population in 2013 versus…

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