Labour is facing new concerns about its commitment to disability equality, after questions were raised over whether the shadow chancellor ever wrote a letter he promised to send to councils about the closure of the Independent Living Fund (ILF). John McDonnell pledged at a parliamentary meeting in early September to write to every Labour-run local authority in England, asking them to ring-fence government money they receive to compensate for the ILF closure. But McDonnell’s office has refused to answer questions about the letter, and none of the Labour-run councils contacted by Disability News Service (DNS) so far has been able to find any record of receiving such a letter. The government money is handed to councils every year to contribute towards the support needs of former ILF-recipients, following the fund’s closure in June 2015, but the money was not ring-fenced by ministers and so many local authorities have used it for other purposes. McDonnell promised disabled campaigners at a

Source: McDonnell hides from questions over promise to write ILF letter to Labour councils | DisabledGo News and Blog