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Supporting Labour in Barnsley


A new study from the Children’s Commissioner for England today finds:

  • 130,000 children aged 5-17 with caring responsibilities may be unknown to local authorities
  • Of the 18,000 young carers who were brought to the attention of local authorities in 2015-2016, one-third were rejected without assessment
  • Councils have identified 160 ‘young carers’ under the age of 5

A new study from the Children’s Commissioner for England, published today, reveals that just a small fraction of young carers are receiving the support that they need.

For the first time, the Children’s Commissioner collected data from local authorities across the country to provide an accurate picture of how children and teenagers who look after sick, disabled, drug or alcohol dependent, or mentally ill family members are themselves supported.

Under current rules, children taking care of a relative are entitled to be assessed for support from their local authority. Of the 153 local authorities…

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