Unbelievable, a right Carry On, in any other situation this would be a good comedy sketch or is it New Years day in Edinburgh after a great New Years Eve party and festivities. Lets see what the official New Years Day will bring, for so far it is creating Edinburgh Council to be a laughing stock.


The perplexed Poles were stunned to be fined on December 27 after being told via the council’s telephone service that there would be no charge.

A Tory MP has hit out at Edinburgh City Council for “ripping off” tourists by issuing parking fines – despite people being told festive parking was free.

A group of tourists from Poland were stunned when they were ticketed on the capital’s High Street on Tuesday, December 27.

They had checked the payment service phone line and it told them that motorists could park for nothing.

It is also claimed the council’s online portal said parking was free on Tuesday.

After coming across the upset visitors, MP Grant Shapps – who serves the Welwyn Hatfield constituency in Hertfordshire – tracked down a parking attendant to confront him over the “ridiculous” situation, capturing the entire conversation on video.

The parking attendant says he was told to issue tickets by the councilThe parking attendant says he was told to…

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