Brutal cuts to services built up over decades are being prepared by UK National Health Service (NHS) management under new Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STP).

STPs marks a significant step in the dismantling of the NHS. Their aim is to exacerbate the crisis in health-care to the point of collapse in order to justify wholesale privatisation.

Billions of pounds in cuts are to be made which will involve the closure of hospitals and slashing of services. A further £22 billion of cuts in NHS funding are to be made by 2020 under the guise of “efficiency savings,” using plans drawn up by the STPs and the health managers in every region of England.

According to the King’s Fund health think-tank, which has seen some of the STP plans produced so far, in southwest London one of five hospitals—St George’s, Kingston, Croydon, St Helier or Epsom—will close. In North Central London…

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