Unfortunately the likes of Philip Green will always be on top due to the wealth they have accumulated at the expense of others, unless there are moves to provide equality.

Money creates power and many who have money misuse the power they have, but not all as George Michael as proved.

The ex-BHS workers and others need a champion to promote their cause and lessen the power of those who are working against them.

With all his wealth Philip Green could provide the money to right these  wrongs being experienced by his ex-workers, but he appears to be more inclined to create barriers to stop this occurring.

Hopefully in time his time will come, but the ex-BHS workers do not have the luxury of time because they need action immediately and more likely yesterday.


For Philip Green it’s business as usual, but like hundreds of others made redundant in 2016, I could only make it through Christmas by relying on loans and charity.

Pedestrians walk past a BHS store in London, Britain July 25, 2016‘I provided the housing benefit department with bank statements detailing every transaction since receiving my redundancy payment from BHS.’ Photograph: Neil Hall/Reuters

On Christmas Eve, two letters landed on my doormat. Before I’d even bent to pick them up, I could tell they were going to be bad news. Like most people who have become accustomed to living on the breadline, I’ve practically developed a sixth sense about such things and can instinctively tell when an unwanted bill or a letter from the benefits department has arrived before I’ve even set eyes on the return address. Such letters make their arrival known with a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach and a fleeting thought in the back of…

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