From the article I assume that the parking was on-street and not the Western Park car park, as the appeal was turned down by Sheffield City Council, which does not surprise me.

Charging at the hospital car park was introduced in October 2016, previously it was free, but the policing of the parking would be by hospital attendants, who I feel would have been more understanding.

Parking around this area is extremely difficult and it would have been difficult to find a further vacant parking place should Mr Pickersgill tried to find one.

A cancer patient who was handed a £25 parking fine after her chemotherapy session over-ran has lost her appeal.

Charlotte Barber’s partner Mick Pickersgill drove her for treatment on November 15 but was fined for leaving his car with a blue badge for more than four hours.

Ms Barber attends Weston Park Hospital in Sheffield for cancer treatment every four weeks but the couple were left dismayed when their appeal was rejected.

Mr Pickersgill said: ‘It’s not like we had been to the cinema or a show. It isn’t the money, it’s the principle.

‘I take Charlotte to Weston Park every four weeks for cancer treatment.

‘There has never been a problem before with the treatment running over and I was unaware the time I could park at that location was four hours.

‘I explained Charlotte has been going through a traumatic time.’

Source: Cancer patient fined despite having blue badge because she was getting chemotherapy  | Daily Mail Online