At her art therapy class in Leeds, Joyce Cope is carefully painting a tree. Despite living with dementia, her brushstrokes are measured and steady, the legacy of her years of painting as a talented amateur. Her work today is very different to the highly detailed pieces she used to produce – expert reproductions of Old Masters such as “Girl With the Peal Earring” by the 17th century Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer. Joyce’s daughter, Hazel, says her mum still enjoys painting, but before the disease took hold her work was really striking. “They were really good copies of the Old Masters and very detailed. “She’s not as detailed now. “She can remember things from years ago, but generally if you asked her what she had for breakfast this morning she can’t remember.” But can art – more specifically, the way artists work – tell us something about the development of dementia and other degenerative brain diseases? A minute analysis of the brushstrokes used by artists who developed neurological

Source: Art may reveal early signs of dementia | DisabledGo News and Blog