So the BBC is in the pocket of the EU, what a surprise and I wonder how many other pockets there are.

While, as an independent company, they are free to apply for additional work and funds from other sources, it does create a possible conflict of Interest.

I would say if they have nothing to hide, why they did not report this as a news worthy item when the project money was first awarded to them.

They are always eager to do this in respect of other organisations, so the apparent secrecy could be a worrying aspect.


THE BBC was today branded the “EU Broadcasting Corporation” after it emerged it has pocketed millions of pounds of undeclared European Union cash over the last three years.

Drone and BBC building

The BBC was given £352,750 for a drone research project
Questions are raging over how the BBC can maintain the impartiality of its Brexit coverage at the same time as pocketing jaw-dropping sums of cash from Eurocrats in Brussels.

The Beeb has raked in more than £300,000 worth of EU grants since the referendum alone, with the money being paid out for “research projects” carried out by BBC staff.

Critics today blasted the astonishing payments and accused the public broadcaster of being “greedy” for EU cash despite receiving billions a year from UK taxpayers. The BBC insisted the cash has “no influence” on the editorial content of its news programmes.

The row blew up after it emerged that Brussels has agreed to…

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