We, the general populous, have no idea of the actions or non-actions being undertaken by the security and political forces in any country, even our own. To some respects this has to be the case, for to bring these into the open would render them not effective, as those to whom the actions are intended would then have foreknowledge which would render the actions to be no longer relevant.

They have to respect their sources and protect those that are working under cover, but to not fully protect innocent people within their own country can never be right.

For is it solely to protect their sources and undercover workers or are there political motives, for will we ever know, especially within our own lifetime.

We will never be able to comprehend what these security and political forces are doing and whether it is within our best interest or not. For are the fictional characters and actions which are portrayed in movies too far fetched or not far fetched enough.

The information and reports may be eventually released but many years into the future, for only now in the last few years as secret facts re WWII have been released.