A lukewarm response is probably a fair summary of the reaction to the government’s new funding boost for social care in England. The council tax increases had been much trailed. There was also an extra injection of Whitehall cash. But it is a short term fix which only begins to address the major policy challenges around social care. Rather than a total of 6% increases in council tax over three years, ring-fenced for social care, English local authorities will be permitted to impose 6% over two years so bringing forward revenue. Central government will top up the pot with £240m for next year funded from savings elsewhere in Whitehall. There has been a cautious welcome in some quarters and robust criticism in others with reminders that, thanks to government cuts, adult social care budgets in England have been reduced significantly since 2010. Reality Check: Is social care getting more money? Laura Kuenssberg: How can social care be funded? Care: The alternative options All are agreed

Source: No watertight solution for social care | DisabledGo News and Blog