Social isolation can be a big problem for families with children with learning disabilities. Lisa Salmon reports on Mencap’s campaign to make us all more understanding IT’S all too easy to avoid what you don’t understand. But when that’s achild with a learning disability, such a reaction can be devastating for both the child and their parents. New research by Mencap has found 63 per cent of parents of children with a learning disability have had to miss social engagements in the past year due to concerns about how people will react to their child, and 70 per cent have felt unwelcome when out in public with their child. Another 21 per cent said their child had been asked to leave a public place because of behaviour resulting from their learning disability. As there are 15,000 children born every year with a learning disability and, in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, currently around 119,000 children under the age of seven who have such a disability, these insensitive reactions are

Source: Why we should all learn to embrace disability | DisabledGo News and Blog