2016 ended with greater attention than I can ever remember being paid to adult social care — the positive difference it can make to people’s lives and the dreadful impact it can have when it fails. Much of the debate focused on the need for increased funding, while others called for an overhaul of the system and enhanced rights for people using services.

I am glad that the spotlight is shining brightly on adult social care — it has been hidden from view for far too long: overshadowed by the NHS; obscured by a lack of understanding about its role, contribution, structure and funding; and neglected either because people think they won’t need social care and/or have little sympathy with those that do.

Quality matters

But while increasing understanding, tackling funding and improving integration with the NHS are all vital; none of this activity should ignore the necessity to focus on improving quality too. Yes, enough resources are crucial but what is done with those resources ‎is equally important.

Source: Care for Social Care – Medium