Algorithm-based chat service will search database of symptoms and is designed as alternative to NHS’s 111 helpline An app that helps people get medical advice on their smartphones is to be trialled by NHS England, it has been announced. The technology uses an algorithm to run a chat service that will search a database of symptoms, before advising whether to see a GP, go to hospital, visit a pharmacy or stay at home. NHS 111 is designed as an alternative to the NHS’s non-emergency 111 helpline, which has seen an increase in demand from 2m to 15m calls a year in four years. But concerns have been expressed that the introduction of the app targets a symptom, rather than the cause, of the pressure on NHS services. “Whilst it’s always important to maximise use of technology to empower patients and make efficient use of NHS resources, this initiative does not address the fundamental problem that we have a severe shortage of GPs and health professionals in community settings,” said Dr Chaand

Source: NHS to trial medical advice smartphone app | DisabledGo News and Blog