Theresa May and her new vision, this is the health service today, how will the new vision bring about change, remove Jeremy Hunt for one and replace with a competent person, that is if there is one within the Conservative establishment.


The shocking statistics comes as overflowing A&Es were brought “to their knees” prompting the Red Cross to step in and warn of a “humanitarian crisis”

Thousands of hospital beds have been lost under the Tories (Photo: Universal Images Group)

Thousands of spaces in NHS hospital bed have been lost under six years of Conservative rule, according to official statistics.

Figures show there are 101,589 acute hospital beds, 7,301 fewer than in 2010.

There are fears planned £20billion NHS savings in the next five years will mean even more beds are closed.

Even though a steady population rise and care in the community failing the elderly mean demand for beds will rise.

The UK already has one of the lowest levels of hospital beds in the EU, 2.8 per thousand people compared with 8.6 in Germany and 6.2 in France.

David Cameron’s Conservative Government failed the NHS (Photo: Daily Mirror)


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