Cuts and more cuts, where will it end for there will come a time when there is nothing left to cut.

All that is being achieved is to increase the death rate, thereby cutting the population.

Death is the new vision.


PHARMACISTS would be replaced by less qualified technicians under secret Government plans to cut costs.

Pharmacist in his pharmacy (right)

New proposals may see less-qualified technicians taking the place of pharmacists in some chemists.
A review board set up to “rebalance” pharmacy legislation is set to make recommendations later this month that would allow technicians to prepare patients’ prescriptions in the absence of a pharmacist.

At present the pharmacist, who must undertake five years pharmacological training before qualifying, oversees all preparation of medicines before they are given to the patient.

Campaigners claim this latest proposal was “irresponsible” and will put patient safety at risk.

This is all to do with providing health care on the cheap

Ian Strachan, Chairman of the National Pharmacy Association

The pharmacy regulator, the General Pharmaceutical Council, has already issued a consultation which would allow technicians, who often earn the minimum wage and are educated only to the equivalent of A-levels…

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