An agreement with the US justice is about to be imminent, reports the group. This costs VW billions more.

Volkswagen will have to pay billions more in exhaust scandal in the US. In negotiations with the US Department of Justice to compare draft penalties amounting to approximately 4.3 billions dollars, as the company announced on Tuesday.

One is in “advanced talks” with the US authorities. Part of the deal is also a guilty offense to have violated US criminal codes.A final agreement is subject to the approval of the Management Board and the Supervisory Board, the Autoconsult continued. The relevant bodies could possibly deal with the draft agreement on Tuesday or Wednesday.

VW has to deal with the exhaust scandal at the 18 returned billion euros. This sum is not expected to be enough. What is the impact on the annual result in 2016 is to leave too early to say.

Source: VW is to pay 4.3 billion dollars penalty – Economy – Sü