Atos appears to be committing a crime against the disabled and sick with the connivance of the Government and the Department of Work and Pensions. A theft of needed benefits to maintain a reasonable life.

If the same degree of actions were metered to Foreign Aid how much would be paid out.


BEDRIDDEN, disabled and vulnerable Britons are having their benefits slashed by the Government on the word of “unqualified” staff working for a “target-setting” French data company. has obtained new figures showing every week more than 800 Britons are being stripped of disability benefits or having them cut in half, often leaving them too sick to work, too poor to support themselves and too frightened to fight the decisions.

The assessment process carried out by Atos Healthcare, an arm of French data company Atos, has been described as “disgusting” and “shocking” by those who have been put through the “brutal” tests and MPs across political parties.

And while our own elderly and infirm face a barrage of humiliating tests and frightening challenges to their honesty, Theresa May’s Government bends over backwards to supply foreign aid to nations led by cruel dictators and considers tests to the honesty of so-called ‘child…

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