Trump grabs the spotlight from his nominees

CNN Breaking News


The news flew fast between Trump Tower and Capitol Hill today as President-elect Donald Trump held his long-awaited news conference during confirmation hearings for his Cabinet picks.

In D.C., New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker gave an impassioned and unprecedented plea to the Senate to vote against Trump’s nominee for attorney general and his fellow senator, Jeff Sessions.

Flanked by members of the Congressional Black Caucus, Booker became the first sitting senator to testify against a fellow sitting senator at a confirmation hearing for a Cabinet position.

Meanwhile, Trump’s nominee to be US envoy to the world broke with his future boss on a number of key foreign policy issues. Former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson, speaking at his Senate Foreign Relations Committee confirmation hearing, backed the Trans-Pacific Partnership, denounced Russian aggression in cyberspace and Ukraine, and affirmed his belief in climate change.

But on other issues, like whether Russia has committed war crimes with bombings in Syria, Tillerson said he’d need more information to offer an opinion.

When the media spotlight swung to Trump himself, he announced he will transfer his business holdings to a trust run by his sons, and he won’t sell his stake — stopping far short of what ethics lawyers say would eliminate conflicts of interest.

Of course, there was so much more, including the moment when Trump refused to take a question from CNN reporter Jim Acosta, calling him “fake news.” Don’t stop there, though — real news awaits:



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