Trump – has their ever been such a controversial, divisive President in the history of the USA?

Certainly a controversial figure who could be extremely divisive, many may be disappointed with the outcome of the initial 4 year period, or how long the period will be, which ever is shorter.

Time will tell.

Opher's World

As the news continues to pour out we are confronted with alleged:

Sex scandals

Sex orgies

Relationships with Russia



Incitement to violence

Ridiculing of disabled people


and an attitude of petulance and revenge taking on anyone who crosses him.

Is any of it true or is it all being manufactured by the anti-Trump lobby?

What is certain is that I cannot remember a President who has created such a split in the country. It exceeds that created by Bush, Reagan, LBJ and Nixon. Back ‘when I were a lad’ it was the Vietnam War that created a huge split between young and old. A generation of young people felt disenfranchised and at odds with the older generation in power. But this is different. This has split the country along different lines and the hatred is horrendous. The worst thing of all is that Trump, instead of trying…

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