Leading nurses say conditions in the National Health Service are the worst they have ever experienced. Below are a selection of the experiences of nurses and former nurses who got in touch to share their experience and the problems they say they face working within the NHS. Anne, nurse consultant I have been a nurse for 30 years, but I am also currently due to undergo surgery, which has been cancelled three times since November 2016, so I feel I really see both sides of the impact of the cuts. I feel the treatment the NHS is able to offer and the working conditions of staff have both gone markedly downhill since 2008, as the direct result of government cuts to both the services the NHS offers and the number of staff it employs. I think the responsibility for the problems the NHS is currently facing rest firmly at the government’s door. Both medical and NHS trust staff are doing the best they can without the resources they desperately need. The people I treat are often very ill by the

Source: ‘The NHS is at breaking point’: Nurses share their experiences | DisabledGo News and Blog