NHS Doctor pins blame on Tories and explains why

Hunt has no idea how to proceed and is an incompetent, for he should be listening to the experts on health, the health professionals themselves.

It is abundantly clear that the NHS and Social Care can not be looked at in isolation for where there are shortages in one this is bound to affect the other..

But while this is a major part of the problem it is not the only one.

We are all generally living longer and in doing so health complications are bound to occur. Then when they do the improvements in medical care are also causing more persons to live through these complications, but not always with a 100% recovery.

The population is for ever increasing so there are more of us at a time when there is decreasing funding in both Social Care and Health.

Hence a recipe for disaster and mainly at the Governments making through a commitment to reducing funding. If we were a third world country, the UK would commit to provide the funding without any monitoring haw it would be spent. But it is the UK in the crisis situation and the Government is continually reducing funding and other resources and on the parts of the population who a least able to cope.

Does the Government have a plan, for if they do, all I can see is, if they make Social Care and the NHS to be unable to cope and past the stage of recovery, then major parts of the population will cease to exist. Thereby,bringing the size of the population down to a level consistent to the level of funding.

Is this really their prime aim?.

Stop UK lies & corruption

Only yesterday the Tories were begging for cash – not to support the NHS but their own party!

Now NHS Doctor Alex Gates explains where the real failing lies.

Brexit means Brexit?

“Fair enough, Mrs May. I’ll tell you something else though. Crisis means crisis.

There was widespread rebuttal from the Government when the British Red Cross described the current situation within the NHS as a ‘humanitarian crisis’.

One could debate the terminology used for hours, but the point remains that the NHS is in a deep crisis. And our political leaders won’t face up to it.

Many will brush this aside. “Every year we’re told there’s another crisis in the NHS’ they’ll say.  It doesn’t work anymore; the system was designed for a post-war era.”

I’d like to think we in the NHS have more of a can-do attitude, and would suggest the NHS will only…

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