This is happening every day, many times a day all through the UK.

Carers who are paid only receive the National Living Wage or just slightly more for doing a job in which the responsibilities they undertake are far in excess of their monetary payments they receive. For in many instances they are responsible for the continuing life of the persons to whom they are providing care to.

You could blame the agencies who employ them , but the funding they receive from Local Authority Social Services and Health organisations are in most cases not sufficient to allow the agencies to pay a better rate, while also covering the costs of training, costs of recruitment, the agencies administration costs and other factors.

But LAs and Health organisations can only fund what they can afford to when taking into account the reducing funding they themselves receive from Government.

If it was not for unpaid family carers the care system would completely disintegrate, for these carers save the UK £139 billion in care costs and there are another 6000 additional persons becoming carers every day, to the current 5,430,000 who are already carers in England.