More than 10 avoidable deaths a day linked to A&E overcrowding : Express.

Problems can occur in any organisations and situations and if they are not attended to outcomes will be affected. In some instances the problems will create blockages in processes thereby, more than likely, the outcomes will related to shortages. In others the problems could produce outcomes relating to over supply.

In manufacturing and industry these outcomes could be dealt with by changing production systems, reallocating employees, increasing or decreasing production and even stop production over a period. All these can be considered as the products being produced are inanimate objects. But when the outcomes, as in health and social care are relative to human life other methods need to be considered and implemented.

More money being available is one such consideration and for a time this may solve the problem, but if the root cause or causes are not being identified, then the problems will continue to reappear and more often with a greater intensity.

The problems could be not having the right staff in the right place at the right time, system deficiencies, lack of effective management or supervision or the wrong type. In time all of the these problems can be overcome, but the biggest problem is identifying the problem or problems in the first place. In this does the system even allow for this identification to take place and if it does do those in power or control of the system consider the findings and or act accordingly.

For in health and social care much of what is brought to bear on both health and social care is governed by political motives.

Funding for both is mainly in the hands of who is in power at any particular time and what is their own political outcomes, which may or may not be beneficial to health, social care and those in receipt of the services.

All that being said there are some savings or changes which could be found, however, these will most likely not be sufficient to solve the problems.

What should solve the problems is that all persons, organisations and political masters to work together to formulate a common aim that everyone could take ownership of, in other words ‘co-production’.

Unfortunately, those in power do not care for co-production as the resultant aim is owned by the co-production team and not those with the purse strings.

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