What is the real motive behind this bill, is it for supporting the rights of customers or to drive another stake into the trade union movement and thereby diminish workers rights.

We all do have rights, but in many instances by respecting the rights of one you may be diminishing the rights of others.

Employers do have a great deal of power over their employees and the trade unions were created by the workers themselves to rectify this to bring more equalisation.

Some, as could be said of Tory MP Chris Philp, that the balance as gone too far one way, but then this depends on which side or sides you pro port to be on.


Proposals to limit strike action and protect people’s “right to get to work” are set for their first test in the Commons.

Tory MP Chris Philp said trade unions had “abused” their right to strike by undertaking “completely unreasonable” industrial action as part of an ongoing dispute with Southern Railway.

As a result, he has brought forward draft laws which would require all industrial action on critical national services to be proportionate and reasonable in order to be deemed legal.

The measures would also require a skeleton service to run on strike days to ensure people can still get to and from work.

Mr Philp told the Press Association: “A High Court judge would weigh up what it is the strikers are striking over on the one hand versus the impact on the public on the other to make sure it is reasonable and proportionate.

“All it is looking…

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