So they can charge when they wish to, but not when they are treating patients who are not eligible for free treatment on the NHS, (Holiday Tourists).


GP taking blood pressureGPs are currently banned from charging patientsCredit: Anthony Devlin

Family doctors want to change NHS rules so they can earn cash from their patients in their spare time, a leading medic has said.

Currently, GPs are banned from charging their own patients for any services.

The rules were drawn up to avoid conflicts of interest and stop family doctors from denying patients treatment on the NHS, so they could profit from treatment privately.

We want to put in place something which is robust which can be rolled out across the country and will allow GPs to specify which services they want to provideDr Prit Buttar

Now local medical committees are in talks about introducing a new structure, which would allow GPs to charge fees for providing services if they were not covered in their NHS contract.

They said they wanted to introduce such schemes by the…

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