Is Hunt real, how is Brexit to blame. The persons who appear to be creating Heath Tourism are not from Europe so any package is not affected whether Brexit is enacted or not.

Within Europe we have reciprocal arrangements to claim back health cost, as non-UK European countries do claim back from the UK, so why can the UK not do the same.

Should we ever enact Brexit and do eventual withdraw from the EU, then all European countries will be the same as any non-UK countries outside Europe, assuming we do not renegotiate reciprocal arrangements. Currently there are nine European countries not in the EU, so when we are mentioning EU and Europe they are not one of the same as all EU countries are in Europe, but not all Europe is in the EU and Brexit purely means leaving the EU and not Europe.


JEREMY Hunt has scrapped plans to introduce charges for foreigners using the NHS – and blamed Brexit for the shock U-turn.

Just three months ago the Health Secretary vowed to clamp down on vast numbers of ‘health tourists’ allegedly fleecing the service.

Announcing ambitious plans to save £2billion a year, he revealed patients could soon be forced to show ID to prove they are entitled to free NHS care before being treated.

Jeremy HuntJeremy Hunt blamed Brexit for shelving the plans.

But now he claims the complexities over quitting the European Union have put the controversial plans on hold.

Quizzed yesterday over whether a bill would be brought in, he told MPs: “We didn’t actually proceed with the legislation because of Brexit.”

The new laws, which would force non-EU migrants and overseas visitor to pay up if they used the NHS, were promised by former prime minister David Cameron in the…

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