The NHS is a major customer of health and medical related products, with more than likely a buying power at least as equivalent to the major supermarkets, so how come the supermarkets are able to organise better purchasing deals than the NHS.

The NHS needs to organise themselves to utilise that purchasing power to a greater advantage for themselves and ultimately the population of the UK.


THE crisis-hit NHS is wasting money on basic painkillers that could be purchased for half the price on the high street, a damning new report has revealed.

Health bosses relying on bulk-buying painkillers such as paracetamol, aspirin and ibuprofen could save up to £50million a year if they bought the drugs from high-street retailers, the report claimed.

The author of the report has branded the scandal “ridiculous” as vital surgeries are being rationed by the health service.


NHS bosses are paying over the odds for high-street painkillers, a report has revealed.


The NHS could save £40million if it bought over-the-counter drugs from high-street shops

Dr Andrew Hill, a pharmacologist at Liverpool University, said: “It seems ridiculous that someone from a hospital can’t just go down to Asda and buy the paracetamol they need.

“If supermarkets can get these drugs so much more cheaply, you do wonder, why can’t…

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