Rise of the contactless charity box as Barclaycard study shows cashless members of public will give three times as much : Telegraph.

Charities provide an essential service within their charity remit. At times this is the only lifeline which is available to the vulnerable persons which the respective charity supports.

Most persons will know the major charities who often contact people direct after you have completed one of their surveys, some other link or made a donation. But there are many local charities who do not do this and funding is required for them to exist. In many instances if these local charities did not exist, then their client group would suffer, especially now due to Government cuts to local authorities.

My own area is care and support for persons with Learning Disabilities and /or Autism and I do only support one charity in Sheffield, UK, which is there especially for adults and children with Learning Disabilities. Funding from our local authority within this area direct to charities is virtually non-existent due Government funding cuts. Some persons with Learning disabilities are in receipt of Direct Payments which are there to fund a range of needs which have been identified from an Individual Needs Assessment and the resulting Support Plan. In many instances these Direct Payments will not only cover their personal care needs, but also their needs within the community, so they can access safe environments away from their safe home environment.

We all need to access our community, but when your vulnerability is is increased due to your learning disability, the only outlets could be day centres where staff are trained in care, safeguarding, enabling mobility, providing recreational stimulus, emotional supports and many others. Local charities will provide some or all of this and they do need your support to continue to provide there essential services, for if they do not many of these persons with learning disabilities will not be able to live a reasonable life.

So I look forward to the these contactless Charity collection boxes to be made more generally available within the very near future.

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