Good care should be available to all that need care for to not do so is disrespect to the rights of those individuals.

It should be the responsibility of everyone within the care industry to keep a check on their work colleagues and if the correct care is not being given then those should be reported. For to not report is condoning the abusive actions.

Quality monitoring is a must, especially within care, for those who are in need of care will be vulnerable to bad care practices if good quality care is not maintained.


A new study has revealed that abuse of elderly people in care homes is continuing.
The Nursing Times found that 88 percent of staff polled said they had witnessed or suspected abuse in nursing homes they had previously worked in.
The survey spoke with 156 anonymous staff members at newly opened care homes in four local authority regions in England.
Over 30 percent said they had personally witnessed abuse at homes.
Neglect and psychological abuse
According to the study, psychological abuse was the most common, followed by neglect and physical abuse.
Psychological abuse was defined as denying people choice, ignoring residents and calling them names.
Neglect involved residents being left in incontinence pads or, in extreme cases, not being given food or drink.
Physical abuse
The 37 people that witnessed physical abuse shared stories of residents being physically restrained or tied to chairs with tights.
“It wasn’t uncommon for the…

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