Make no mistake. Donald Trump’s Muslim travel ban is an absolute gift to extremists.

It’s a gift to the fascistic white supremacist demographic who propelled Donald Trump into the White House, and made the extreme-right propagandist Steve Bannon one of the most powerful men on the planet. They’ve been baying for this kind of bigoted arbitrary discrimination for years. By giving them a bit of what they want Trump and Bannon have rewarded them for their votes.

White supremacist racists adore the idea of ethnicity and nationality based discrimination, but they’re not the only extremists who will be delighted at Trump’s Muslim travel ban. Islamist extremists all over the world will be ecstatic at this collective discrimination against Muslims, because it represents evidence to support their narrative that the West hate Muslims.

Source: Donald Trump’s Muslim travel ban is a gift to extremists : Another angry voice. – perfectlyfadeddelusions