Trump could be many things and mentally ill could be one.

But it could be that he is just a bully and feels he is the ‘Chosen One’ a Messiah to vanquish all his believed ills pertaining to his blinkered view of America.

His family background is one of promoting oneself above all others, for this determines being successful, to allow to consider others will reduce the qualifying nature of success, which in Trumps eyes would be failure, which he can never allow himself to be.


Hillary Clinton famously claimed her opponent was “temperamentally unfit” to be Commander-in-Chief – now people are asking, was she right?

Health experts are warning that Donald Trump is displaying “classic signs” of being mentally ill – including ‘malignant narcissism’.

When battling him for US Presidency, Hillary Clinton famously claimed Trump was “temperamentally unfit” for the job.

At the time people thought she was either joking or attempting to land a cheap political blow.

After this last 10 days though, people are starting to ask if she was right.

Even psychologists have now begun questioning Trump state of mind – with mental health experts speaking out.

A group called Citizen Therapists Against Trumpism has even been created – which has thousands of members and has published a manifesto warning of Trump’s alleged psychosis.

They claim the warning signs are:

  • Scapegoating and banishing groups of people who are seen as threats, including…

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