When will the Government and other powers that be realise that care is not just confined to the elderly, even though their care is very important, due to increases in mortality not only for the elderly, but also for persons with disabilities, especially the exceedingly wide spectrum of Learning Disability and Autism.

Care minister David Mowat should come out of the ivory tower of Westminster and find out for himself about the giving of care, for many families already do provide care to their loved ones and only call for local authority help when this reaches a crisis point, in that through their caring roles their own physical and mental health is deteriorating and they need the help to continue to care for their loved ones.

For in the UK today care provided by family members saves the country £1.39 billion in care costs, can they really do more.

Care minister David Mowat does not have a clue and neither do many others in Government and in some respects Parliament.


Councils say care funding is so short they could be sued – but minister David Mowat said families should be dealing with their own affairs more.


Families should help parents as much as children, a Tory minister said last night – as councils unite to beg him for more care cash.

Town hall chiefs today warn they will fail to meet their legal duties on social care without extra cash.

That could lead to them being sued, running up even greater costs thanks to lawyers’ fees, the Local Government Association warns.

But Prime Minister Theresa May has repeatedly said the issue is not simply one of cash.

Last night her care minister warned society needed to start taking care of its own elderly more.

According to the Daily Telegraph, David Mowat told MPs on the Commons Local Government Committee: “We need to start thinking as a society about how…

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