Under this proposed scheme I myself adged 67 years would not be able to prove my eligibility for free NHS care. I was born in the UK and so were my parents, I do not own a valid passport, as I do not holiday outside the UK, in fact I do not holiday at all due to the caring responsibilities to my wife and my daughter, All the utility bills are also in my wifes name. So I have none of the evidence required.


Committee urges caution before pilot scheme challenging patients to prove entitlement to free care is extended.

A pilot scheme in which patients are asked to show two forms of identification before receiving NHS treatment could compromise access to care, parliament’s spending watchdog has said.

The public accounts committee urged caution before officials extend the scheme, saying it could lead to entitled patients staying away from hospitals. The MPs have also told the Department of Health to take urgent action to renew a “chaotic” system of recovering money from so-called health tourists.

Trusts are supposed to charge visitors from outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland for non-emergency hospital treatment. For patients from the EEA and Switzerland, trusts should recoup their costs through an insurance scheme.

In November the department’s permanent secretary, Chris Womald told the committee that ID checks were taking place at a hospital trust in Peterborough, an…

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