DWP sending ESA questionnaires OVER A YEAR EARLY

Is there anything that the DWP will not stoop to, for we are well in the Trump era, for does the D in DWP stand for Donald. Should it be Donald Will Provide.

DWP will not rest until all on ESA will either be in work or will not have survived.

Stop UK lies & corruption

Here is yet another story of the DWP continuing to hound vulnerable people in a twisted belief that they have been miraculously cured.

We were contacted by a family who wish to remain anonymous regarding their Autistic son who it has already been established would be a danger to himself and others if he was found fit to work.

The son, we’ll call him Brian is in receipt of Employment and Support Allowance and is in the Support Group intended for the most vulnerable people in society.

Brian was given a document called ‘ESA72’ in the middle of June 2016.  ‘ESA72’ is a document intended for pharmacy staff in order to show a person is exempt from prescription charges (amongst other things).  The second page of the ESA72 reveals when it is due for renewal.

Brian’s ESA72 – page one

Here you can see the issue date of 17th June 2016 (last…

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