We hear so much about Fake News these days, but is it new. There as always been propaganda, which is a form of Fake News. Previously, this originated from persons in power to misled others of their intentions or to create a false security for the countries populace in times of unrest.

However, with the advancement of technology and the influx of Social Media, it appears anyone could create Fake News and thereby mislead others for whatever reason the perpetrator of the Fake News as.

Fake News is lies and where possible this should be controlled and where ever possible eliminated.

At elections do not all manifestos contain some proportion of Fake News, or Fake intentions.

I am not intending to legitimise the issuing, but do not all Governments have some areas relating to this and the population at large will not be aware until the stored away files are eventually released some 30-50 years later.

However, today the extent of fake news is exceedingly alarming and some measures do need to be enacted to minimise the issue of such false information.

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smart-phoneAs Donald Trump’s new status as leader of the free world starts to take effect, questions continue to circulate regarding the factors that influenced his rise to power. 

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