PIP investigation: Welfare expert says two-thirds of appeals involve lying assessors : DNS.

Any idiot can see that the system is not fit for purpose, but then DWP are not any idiot.

Atos, etc are just following the rules of direction imposed on them by the DWP and the assessors are blindly following the direction of Atos.

The PIP claimants are initially in a no win situation and they need to appeal if any decision goes against them.

The Government (DWP) are taking this course of action to cut benefit costs, but because they are doing it by deceit, they are more than likely to spend more than granting the benefits on the first assessment. This is due to the fact that more time and additional work is required when a decision goes to appeal and these appeals have an administration cost attached. So the costs relating to the appeals mean additional funding needs to be made available.

You could not make it up, for it makes no sense at all. Come on DWP stop spending more than you should and do the assessments correctly first time.


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